February 22:
  1. Students will create their own blog for use in psychology.

February 15-19:
  1. Review Watson and Pavlov
  2. Review components of Classical Conditioning
  3. Discuss examples of Class. Cond.
  4. Students will develop 5 of their own examples of C.C. that have occurred in their own lives.
  5. Students will create a poster demonstraiting the concept with an example of CC

February 8-10:
  1. Examine Pavlov's famous experiment in Classical Conditioning
  2. View videos demonstrating Class. Cond.

February 5:
  1. Complete comic strip assignment for Little Albert
external image CARTOON_BABY-160x159.jpg

February 2:
  1. Review Little Albert Experiment
  2. Discuss ethics and limitations
  3. Assignment: Design a 5-6 square comic strip that tells the story of Watson and the Little Albert Experiment. Design is your option - must thoroughly re-tell the story and be completed with color.

February 1:
  1. Discuss the theory of Behaviorism
  2. Identify the role of John B. Watson
  3. Discuss the Little Albert Experiment - the method and results
  4. Watch video and read handout on experiment

January 29:
  1. Discuss the role of the environment in our learning
  2. Identify examples of learning that have been through environmental factors

January 28:
  1. Discuss the Nature vs. Nurture debate
  2. Identify possible environmental influences