11th Graders: The Internal Assessment: Due Dates
December 11: You should have determined your research partners as well as the study you are going to replicate.
February 3: You should have conducted your study and gathered your data (results).
February 19: Write-up is due -submitted to me on paper and also submitted to turnitin.com

Semester Tests are scheduled for Thursday, January 14th, 2010 from 7:30-9:00am. We will be spending time in class the week of January 4th reviewing for this exam - bring your questions.

Grade 11: Quarter Test will be on Tuesday, December 16th. Study Guide is attached below and will be turned in for a grade.

Due date for projects:
Grade 10 paper is due to turnitin.com by CHANGED TO NOVEMBER 13th
Grade 11 power point presentations are due by Thursday, November 5th (please burn to a disk if possible, otherwise, bring it in on USB.)

TURNITIN.COM class ID and passwords
grade 10 = 2949476 psych2009
grade 11 = 2909604 psych2009

General Announcements:
Midterm grades sent home:
10th grade - Tuesday, September 29th
11th grade - Wednesday, September 30th

10th Grade Announcements:
Quiz on Friday, October 2nd - study guide for video on "The Brain"
11th Grade Announcements:
Quiz on Thursday, October 1st - covers study guides for Perception and the video on "Sight"
Writing Assignment (homework)
One page - Typed and Single-spaced - Due Monday, October 5th
Explain (using examples) the ways in which memory, our sense of sight, and our perception are inter-related.

October 08, 2009:
Grade 10: Test scheduled for Friday, Oct. 16th Study guide below.

Grade 11: Test scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 15th for period D and October 16th for periods F and G. Study guide below.