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January 27th, 2010
11F and 11D:

Using the original version of the experiment you are replicating:

1. Describe the method of the experiment - in other words, write a brief summary of how the experiment is conducted.
2. Make a list of any materials you will use during the experiment - this list should include any directions you will read to the participants, as well as anything you need to conduct the experiment.
3. Write a hypothesis for what you expect your experiment to show. In other words, what will the results likely be and why?

That is it for virtual Wednesday - be sure to have this written out and bring it to class. I will collect it for a grade. Enjoy the rest of your day!

January 21st, 2010:
11F and 11G

Define these research terms that you will be using in the write-up of your experiment:
Control group
Experimental group
Independent variable
Dependent variable

Next...Identify each of these items as they appear in the experiment you are planning to replicate.

Example: the control group for experiment X is the students who read the words in uncolored font -- the experimental group is the group that reads the words when they have been given various colors of font. The independent variable is the color of the font and the dependent variable is the time it takes the subjects to read the words. The other independent variable is the number of mistakes the subject makes when they read the words.

This assignment will be turned in at the start of class on Friday.__